by Gabriel Grare on 08/01/2014 - posted in Behind the scenes

Hello guys,

My name is Gabriel. I had the chance with my friends to be Myferrylink’s first passenger when I crossed the Channel with the company on the 20th of August 2012.

A passenger like you, I have always wondered what was ‘’behind’’ Myferrylink’s business: how our bookings are dealt with, what do people exactly do in the company, how they deal with freight and passengers bookings, or what are the safety procedures?

Some people simply do not care at all about all this: they just pop in in the ferry in Dover and are keen to leave it as quickly as possible in Calais. But there’s so much more to learn…

I’m having the chance to do a work experience for my master’s degree at Myferrylink offices in Dover, and I will be happy to show you what stands behind the brand name.

For all of you who are interested to see what MyFerryLink actually is, this blog is just made for you!

Stay tuned! And you’re gonna see what is "behind the scenes"!