Looking for information on Dover and Calais ferry ports? Then you're at the right place. Here you can get all the important information you need about the ports of Dover and Calais.
The ports of Dover and Calais are both accessible directly from the motorway and well signposted from the town centres.
Vehicles should check-in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. Anyone arriving at check in after this time may be refused permission to embark. Please note, port security and immigration checks occur prior to check-in.
During November 2014 the way you pay the Dartford Crossing charge will be changing. Click here for more information.
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Dover Ferry Port Information

The Port of Dover

Dover port is one of the oldest and busiest ports in England with excellent connections to motorways. The A2 brings you directly to the port, and the M20 leads you to the town of Dover. The port of Dover is clearly signposted, even in the town centre. Follow the signs to the port and drive through to passport control.

Ferries to France - About Dover

About Dover

Apart from being a ferry port, Dover is a small town in the county of Kent, sometimes called ‘The Garden of England’. On a clear day you can see the magnificent white cliffs from the ferry port at Calais, and it’s certainly a welcoming site as ferries head towards England.  

Port of Calais

Port of Calais

The A26 and A16 pass the town of Calais. On each motorway, the port of Calais is indicated by large green signs stating ‘Port Ferries’. Follow the motorway directly to passport control or the port buildings. The Calais ferry terminal is well-equipped with many passenger facilities that include ATMs and dining facilities.

channel ferry crossings - About Calais

About Calais

Calais is a town and major ferry port in Northern France in a region known as Pas-de-Calais. It sits at the narrowest point on the English Channel and is 21 miles from Dover, and is the reason it’s become the most popular ferry port for people taking ferries from England. It's the most popular port for cross-channel links between Britain and Europe.