In this section you’ll find useful travel information, including the necessary documents you’ll be required to carry before undertaking your journey with us on a ferry to France.

 Essential documents

Entry to France

Please make sure you have everything you need before your departure with MyFerryLink. Just click on the link here for a list of all your essential travel documents and things you need to do for a hassle-free journey on the continent. Check now that you have a valid passport to travel within Continental Europe.

Ferry Ports Information

Finding the Port of Dover

For a simple way to get to the port of Dover or Calais and easily find your way on the other side of the channel, just visit our Dover and Calais port pages. Both Dover and Calais ferry ports are directly accessible from the motorway and clearly signposted from the town centres.

How much time should I allow for check-in?


It's important to give yourself enough time to check-in for your crossing with MyFerryLink. As a guideline you should arrive at check-in atleast 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time but under certain circumstances you should allow up to an hour.

Exit Checks

Are you ready for Exit Checks?

Exit Checks are in force at the Port of Dover. Please have your passports ready for inspection when you check in with us.

Enjoy Dover Calais Ferry Trip | MyFerryLink

Boarding the ferry to France

Whether you arrive by bike or car, you just need to follow our simple directions to guide you aboard. We’ve explained the whole process for you here from passport control and customs to check-in and boarding.