France to Ferry with MyFerryLink

Crossing the English Channel between Dover Calais is the shortest crossing, and therefore the quickest. Travellers find it the most convenient way of getting to France as the road network from there is so good. You can be on your way quickly, no matter what part of France you’re going to, and it’s equally as good if you’re going to Germany, Holland or Belgium.

Our customers love our Dover - Calais ferry service because our members of staff care more and go that extra mile for our customers. MyFerryLink staff own the company themselves, and as such, when they go to work each day they're working for themselves - it's what motivates them to go the extra mile for each and every customer. 

  •     Tickets to France from just £24 each way

  •     16 crossings per day between Dover & Calais

  •     Eat, drink and relax as you cross the channel in style

MyFerryLink - Dover Calais Ferries