From 1st of April 2014, a new tax called HGV LEVY will be implemented in the United Kingdom for all heavy goods vehicle weighing 12 tons or more.

You have to ensure that this tax is being paid before entering the United Kingdom. Vehicles will be automatically scanned through at the port exit and will be stopped by the British Police if they detect any anomaly. All false declaration or lack of HGV Levy tax will be liable to a £ 300.00 fine.

You can anticipate the payment of this tax for one or several days, alternatively set up monthly or annually payment by log in into the website or phone HGV Levy on 44 33 01013725.

However if you have not had the opportunity to anticipate this transaction, My Ferry Link gives you a last resort chance to pay this tax on board our vessels. Sales will be opened as per the duration and  conditions of the crossing at a moderate charge of 1£ (1.21 €) as from March 31st, 2014 at 12.15 (French time) from Calais. We only accept payment in cash for Euros and Sterling’s.

We remain at your disposition for further information