The passenger areas feature eye-catching contemporary décor, while the seating is so comfortable you just can’t help sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the stunning views from the large windows. One year after launch, the Rodin received a special award for innovation in maritime transport.


The Rodin’s sister ship the Berlioz reaffirmed our commitment to modern shipping with tastefully designed interiors guaranteed to create a truly relaxing ambiance. From the car decks to La Brasserie, passing through Le Pub and La Boutique, the Berlioz offers a unique level of comfort and tranquillity that only a ship designed and built for its passengers can provide.


Nord Pas-de-Calais

The Nord-Pas-de Calais of a capacity of 85 freight vehicles is a ship dedicated for our freight customers.

The ship is provided with a restaurant, facilities and a lounge designed for drivers comfort.