A sunny day at the Port of Calais

Weather in France

We know nothing is worse than arriving in Calais to be confronted by a rainy and dreary view, so now you can keep an eye on the weather for the next three days in Dover and Calais to make sure the sun is shining!

Port of Calais

Finding your way to the port

For a simple way to get to the port of Calais or Dover and easily find your way on the other side of the channel, just visit our Calais and Dover port pages. All the information you need is gathered there to ensure you don't get lost while away.

Port of Calais

Vehicle categories

The MyFerryLink pricing scale takes into account the size of the vehicle and particularly its length.  As regards "over-sized" vehicles, you will find a link on this page to contact the  MyFerryLink  Freight Department.


Dangerous goods

You can cross the Channel with MyFerryLink, even if you transport dangerous goods. We apply the strictest standards in terms of security and precautions for this category of merchandise. If you have any questions, contact us.


Code of practice

Because of the risk of penalties for drivers and haulage companies, we give you some advice to better respect the British procedures in terms of clandestine immigration. This code of pratice is general rules for continent-to-UK traffic.

Animals travelling with SeaFrance

Travelling with pets

If you're bringing your treasured companion with you, you need to make sure it has the right documents and inoculations before you leave the country. If you want to check that you have everything you both need before you go, simply click here.