The ports of  Calais and Dover are both accessible directly from the motorway and well signposted from the town centres.

The A16 is being repaired between Marck and St Folquin in both directions. Click here for more information.

Port of Calais :

  • The A26 and A16 pass the town of Calais. On each motorway, the port of Calais is indicated by large green signs stating ‘Port Ferries’. Follow the motorway directly to passport control or the port buildings.
  • GPS coordinates: latitude 50.96598 - longitude 1.865503

Port of Dover :

  • The A2 brings you directly to the port, and the M20 leads you to the town of Dover. The port of Dover is clearly signposted, even in the town centre. All access routes to the port of Dover are designed to carry heavy volumes of traffic. Follow the signs to the port and drive through to passport control.
  • GPS coordinates: latitude 51.126367518319235 - longitude 1.3272857666015625