Efficiency, security and a warm welcome: The vehicles are guided, positioned and secured by MyFerryLink staff on the vehicle deck. Vehicles and goods remain under constant surveillance throughout the crossing (video link from the bridge).


CODE OF PRACTICE : general rules for continent-to-UK traffic.

Illegal Immigration:
To avoid the risk of financial penalties from the British Customs & Excise and Immigration authorities, please ensure that you comply with the procedures and simple advice given in this summary of the Code of Practice:

  •  loading:

- Check the tarpaulin (your ladder must be long enough to allow you to inspect the top). Repair all new tears. Note the total number of repairs in a log book (the log should be kept by the driver).
- Carry out a full inspection of the TIR cord, including the front (facing the cab) and the trailer.
- Ensure that your load is tightly packed, with no spaces. Alternatively, leave enough space between the items loaded in the trailer to allow a full inspection. If the truck is loaded right up to the door of the trailer, it is impossible to carry out a visual inspection without unloading the entire contents.

  • while travelling and at each stopover:

Stops and driver rest periods should be scheduled as far away from the terminal as possible.
- Carry out a full inspection of the vehicle and, when passing through the "inspection tunnels", notify staff of any new holes that have appeared since loading.
- Check under the chassis, on both sides of the trailer. Check the toolbox, luggage holds, etc.
These inspections must be noted in a log book kept by the driver. The log book must be presented to the authorities. It is the only proof of compliance with the Code of Practice.
Moreover, very stringent inspections have been introduced in the "Tourism" sector to check all foot passengers (cars, camper vans, coaches) to prevent any illegal immigrants boarding our ferries.