Cross Channel Ferries with MyFerryLink


Here at MyFerryLink we offer an abundance of cheap ferries to France, making ours the ideal service when crossing the channel. Aside from the amazing offers on cheap channel crossings, we also offer fantastic bargains on wines, perfumes and much, much more. You’ll find MyFerryLink the perfect choice for those all important savings on your travel costs.

Aside from the excellent prices, we also offer you the chance to upgrade to Rapide – a priority service ticket, meaning you’re first on and off the ferry.

Whether you’re heading to France for a day trip or a long break, the deals available on our cross channel ferries are designed to save you money, without skimping on comfort and style. With fantastic offers and regular departures, crossing the channel has never been easier.

Travelling with your Car?

Travelling with your Car?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a day trip or an extra-long stay; we’ve plenty of offers on ferry crossings to France, just for you. With an abundance of space that brings great comfort and style, you’ll be able to save as you travel, without sacrificing any luxuries. So don’t miss out and book your ferry today.

Travelling with a Van?

Travelling with your Van?

This vehicle type should be used for a private vehicle for non-commercial use which has no windows in the side or seats through the back. You can travel with us in your van from just £85 each way!

Travelling with your Motorhome or Minibus?

Travelling with your Motorhome or Minibus?

Enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please with single tickets from £49 each way - the continent is waiting for you!

Travel with your bicycle or motorcycle

Travelling with your Motorcycle or Bicycle?

Avoid the stress and book online today from just £15 each way for your bicycle or £17.50 for your motorcycle.

Enjoy Rapide Priority Service | MyFerryLink

Rapide - priority service

MyFerryLink's Rapide priority loading and disembarkation service allows passengers to be the first on the ship and first off again on the other side. With our priority service you can beat the traffic and get to your destination that little bit quicker.