Our ferries to France are all super modern and allow you to enjoy a taste of the continent before you arrive. Your holiday starts the second you’re onboard a MyFerryLink ferry to France. When you book your ferry to France with MyFerryLink you can take as much as you need with you! On our crossing to France we’ll accommodate your car, caravan or motor home and as much as you can pack into it at no extra charge.

Channel Dover Calais - Rodin crossing

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Make great savings on our ferries to France by booking early, that way you can feel the change in your pocket as well as the wind in your hair. So why not book a ferry crossing on one of our super modern ferries today?

MyFerryLink Schedules

MyFerryLink schedule

Plan your journey to France by visiting the MyFerryLink schedule page, find out which of our daily ferry crossings to France suits you the most and what time you'll arrive in Calais. Check out our return crossings to Dover and plan your return journey as well.


Company overview

Founded in 2012 MyFerryLink is the newest operator on the Dover to Calais route. Our fleet of modern ferries offers you a spacious and relaxing way to start your journey to the continent. 

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Vehicle categories

MyFerryLink is happy to transport cars, vans and car-based vans across the Channel but it's important we know the specific type of vehicle you're travelling with in advance - if you have any doubts you can check against a list of vehicles online. 

Animals travelling with MyFerryLink

Travelling with your pets to France

For those wishing to travel with their pets, you need to ensure you have all the right documents before boarding the ferry. Please check and ensure that you have everything you require, and that your pet meets the travel requirements, before setting off on your journey.

MyFerryLink is happy to assist you

Disabled access to our ferries

If you are disabled or have limited mobility, we'll help you in every way we can to ensure you enjoy a pleasant journey. Our ships offer good disabled access and we're always working really hard to improve your experience travelling with us.