Upgrade to MyFerryLink's priority loading and disembarkation service that allows passengers to be first on the ship and and first off again on the other side. With our Dover Calais priority service, you can beat the traffic and get to your destination that little bit quicker.

Priority service is available at an upgrade price of just £10 per leg.

To book Rapide please add it as an upgrade to your journey during the booking process. 


Specific Terms & Conditions apply

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Additional Rapide Terms & Conditions:

  1. Rapide service is valid for all vehicle types excluding motorcycles and vehicles towing trailers and caravans, on all ferry sailing’s subject to availability.
  2. Rapide service is available for a charge of £10 Each Way for bookings made at least one day prior to departure via the Website and Contact Centre.
  3. Rapide service is non refundable, unless purchased with a 'MyChoice' fully flexible and refundable fare.
  4. The minimum check-in time for vehicles with Rapide service booked is at least 30 minutes prior to sailing.
  5. MyFerryLink undertake that Rapide service customers will be the first vehicles on and off the ferry.  However, MyFerryLink cannot be held responsible for any delays which may occur once you have exited the ferry and are outside of the Company’s control.
  6. It is possible that a small number of freight vehicles may be loaded and unloaded prior to Rapide service customers for operational purposes.