About us

MyFerryLink is the newest cross channel ferry service started in 2012 providing 16 ferry crossings per day between France and England on the popular Dover-Calais route. We welcome both passenger and freight vehicles onboard. Our popular fleet includes: Rodin, Berlioz and Nord-Pas de Calais.

How MyFerryLink affiliate program works

The MyFerryLink affiliate program is very simple and allows you to earn unlimited commissions simply by linking from your site to MyFerryLink. The link placed on your site has an affiliate reference code that tracks the ferry booking. When a visitor makes a ferry booking using this link your affiliate account is credited with the commission made for this particular booking.

If the visitor doesn’t place an order in that visit, you can still earn commission if they purchase within 45 days, even if they’re not purchasing from your website on that occasion! MyFerryLink offers a competitive commission rate across all ferry bookings.

MyFerryLink affiliate program benefits:

  • Earn Unlimited Commission: MyFerryLink pays a competitive commission rate on the basis of gross order value, resulting in higher earnings for our affiliate partners. This means you can earn unlimited commission on all billed sales from the traffic you send us.
  • 45 Day Cookie: At MyFerryLink we maintain a 45 day cookie policy, which means that you’ll be credited with the commission for any visitor on your site that clicks on our link as long as they make a purchase within 45 days.
  • Dedicated Team: We have an experienced and dedicated affiliate support team to answer any queries relating to the MyFerryLink affiliate program and how to market it on your websites.
  • Join free: You don't pay anything to join the MyFerryLink affiliate program and you can stop at any time.
  • Quick and Easy Affiliate Program: It only takes a few minutes to join the affiliate program and start earning commissions. Our dedicated affiliate team will provide you with all the necessary affiliate tools you require. You’re free to choose a selection of links, copy and images to place on your website. We take care of the orders, deliveries and payment.
  • Track the Reports: You can monitor reports online to check your sales and commissions at any time. You can also monitor and analyse which links are working the best for you so you can optimise the program to increase your revenue.