1. What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a form of automated online electronic marketing involving both web advertiser and selected webmaster. The affiliate program helps you earn money by promoting other website’s products and services. 

2. Why should I become an affiliate?

Increase your revenue

Commission on every ferry booking

Special promotional fares to further increase sales

Access to an admin section so you know how much you’ve earned

Create added value for your visitors by adding our link on your site.


3. Why should I join the MyFerryLink program? 

√ New and exciting opportunity

Deep links available

Competitive affiliate commission structure

Dedicated and professional team to help you

Easy to use booking engine

Best offers and promotions

Regular newsletters keep you updated

Motivating and regular incentives


4. How does the affiliate program work?

Once a visitor redirects to our site from your affiliate link, our affiliate tracking system saves this referral and sends a cookie to their computer. When the sale is complete our system checks for cookies or IP addresses and simultaneously credits 7% of the sales value to your account. This entire process is automated. Our affiliate tracking system registers all your referrals properly.


5. What type of banners can I use?

The hyperlink can be applied to text or a banner. You can use your own banners or any one of the proposed banners supplied by MyFerryLink. There are no hidden costs involved in our affiliate program.


6. What is the commission structure?

We offer a competitive commission structure for every transaction on all ferry bookings. Your commission will be 7%. takes care of everything as far as the ferry booking process is concerned i.e. from safe payment mode to the delivery of ferry tickets to the visitors.  Commissions will be paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis. .


7. How do I become an affiliate?

You need nothing more than a desire to become an affiliate! If you have a website it’s really easy, just complete the sign-up form.

Our dedicated affiliate management team review your website and confirm acceptance via email. We’ll send you a unique booking code, username and password for initial start up.

Even if you don't have a website you can promote our products through online search engines, forum postings, emailing all your friends with your affiliate link. Join us in our affiliate program and get ready to earn 7% commission by selling our ferry tickets from your links.


8. Is there a cost involved in the affiliate program?

There’s no cost involved in our affiliate program and MyFerryLink runs a unique  booking engine with all contact made via email. We provide login details and a URL to view all booking statistics. You’ll also receive a monthly statement showing all bookings made via your website.


9. How is the payment made?

You have the flexibility to choose the mode of payment either by PayPal or bank account. All commissions earned will be paid to your account every month. Our affiliate program is managed by Tornado Digital Ltd., under the Affiliates-Pro name, and they’re responsible for all payments of affiliate commissions and transactions for the MyFerryLink customised affiliate program.


How to start?

Becoming an affiliate partner is easy:

  • Carefully read the affiliate program agreement
  • Fill out the Sign-up Form
  • We’ll send your login and start up details by email.
  • Once approved, sign in to the affiliate area and add or download a selection of text links, banners, and reviews.
  • Increase your sales and start earning commission by placing these banners/links in your website's homepage.
  • For every successful sale you’ll receive 7% commission on the Dover-Calais/Calais-Dover routes.