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How can I amend my booking?

Unfortunately you are unable to amend your booking online at the current time.

You can make any amendment to your booking by emailing us at or by telephoning 0844 2482 100 from the UK or +44 845 313 3380 from the Continent. 

If you wish to amend your booking within 24 hours of departure, any amendment can be processed at the Port on arrival. 

Please note that any change you require to the date or time of departure is strictly subject to availability & we cannot guarantee space on any sailing. Please also refer to the terms & conditions we provide you with at the time of booking as these changes may incur a modification fee.  An excess may also apply if your newly selected time is more expensive than your original sailing. 

If you wish to amend the registration number of your vehicle or details of the passengers travelling we can amend this for you when you arrive and these amendments are free of charge.  Please ensure you have all of this information available when you check-in.

How can I cancel my booking?

In the unlikely event that you decide to cancel your booking with us, we can only provide a refund if we receive confirmation from you that you wish to cancel within 24 hours of your booking being made.  Outside of these 24 hours, the MyBasic fare is strictly non-refundable.  The MyChoice fare will be refunded providing you cancel more than 24 hours before the departure date.  All refunds are processed automatically back to the credit or debit card originally used for payment within seven working days of the request being made.

How can I contact MyFerryLink?

Our Customer Service Team is available from 9-17:30 (UK time) Monday to Friday, including Bank Holidays. During weekends, telephone calls are automatically transferred to our team in Calais who speak English & French.  You can also contact us by emailing or by telephoning 0844 2482 100 from the UK, 0811 65 47 65 from France or +44 845 313 3380 from the remainder of the Continent. 

What is the cost of telephoning MyFerryLink?

Calling 0844 2482 100 costs 7 pence per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge. Calling +44 845 313 3380 costs 3 pence per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge.  Calls from abroad including calling 0811 65 47 65 from France will vary based on your network provider & tariff. 

Is there an additional charge for booking over the telephone?

MyFerryLink do not charge a Call Centre surcharge.  The fares offered online and via the Call Centre are the same.

Why is there a fuel surcharge included on my booking?

All ferry operators are now required to use MGO (Marine Gas Oil) under the MARPOL V1 European Passenger Directive, therefore a fuel surcharge is now applied to all bookings to levy this additional charge.  

Do I need an email address to book online with MyFerryLink?

To make a booking on our website you will be required to create an account & this does require an email address & various other personal details.  If you do not have an email address, please book via our Call Centre.

Is there an additional charge for paying with a credit or debit card?

MyFerryLink do not charge a surcharge for bookings made with either a credit or debit card.

After entering my credit card details online another screen appears requesting more information. Why?

This website is compliant with 3D secure credit card technology.  Depending on your card issuer, your Visa or Master Card may already have been enrolled by the Verified-by-Visa or Master Card Secure Code Schemes. These schemes ensure that your card cannot be misused on the Internet as it requires cardholder authenticity for every transaction. If your card is already registered, the transaction will continue as normal, however, it is possible that you will be redirected to your card issuer’s website in order to register your card online. 

Can I make a booking when I arrive at the Port?

You are able to make a booking on arrival by driving directly to the MyFerryLink check-in booths. However, the fares charged are different to those offered online or over the telephone.  Our day of departure fares are always higher than those available in advance so it is always better to secure a booking at least one day before you wish to travel.

I do not know the registration number of my vehicle, can I still book online?

If you do not know the registration number of your vehicle at the time of booking, please enter TBA (To Be Advised) in the registration number field.  You can then update us with this information by email or when you check-in to travel.  There will be no charge for making this change provided your vehicle type remains the same.

I am travelling with a different number of passengers on each journey, can I still book online?

When booking on our website you will only be able to book the same number of passengers on both the outward & return sailing.  As there is no charge for amending the passenger details on your booking, make your booking online showing the passengers travelling both ways & then email us or advise us at the Port of the people only travelling one way.  Please note that if booking a day trip or 24 hour fare, the same number of passengers must travel both outward & return.

Am I able to take bicycles with my car & how can I book this?

There is no additional charge for taking bicycles on the roof of your vehicle although we do need to know this before you travel.  Simply tick the box on the booking form which indicates you have a roof box & this will allow the additional height required. If you wish to attach bicycles to the back of your vehicle, we do not need to know this in advance.

Am I able to travel on a bicycle?

You are able to travel on a bicycle but you must be able to ride your bike to the ship & then walk onboard. For each bicycle, you must make an individual booking as we only permit one bicycle per booking.

Am I able to travel as a foot passenger?

MyFerryLink do not accept foot passenger bookings. All passengers must travel in a vehicle with us. In the event that you make a booking with a vehicle but arrive without the booked vehicle, you will be refused travel.

How do I make arrangements for a disabled passenger?

If a member of your party has reduced mobility please advise us in advance of travel so we can provide the necessary assistance & ensure your vehicle is parked next to a lift onboard. If you are booking online, please indicate this by ticking the Disabled Passengers tick box on the booking form. 

Can I purchase the Rapide priority service & still be parked next to the lift?

Due to the location of the lifts it is not possible for us to provide the Rapide services for passengers requiring this access.

What is the procedure for travelling with pets?

We are happy to accept pets onboard which are compliant with the Pets Travel Scheme.  There is a limit of 5 pets (cats, dogs or ferrets) per person & there is a charge of £25 / 28€ per pet which is included in the cost of the inbound sailing into the UK. Registered guide dogs travel for free. To make a booking online including a pet, please tick the Travelling with pets, a roof box or bicycles tick box on our booking form & then select the number of pets travelling from the relevant box at the next stage of the booking process.  All pets must be compliant with the Pets Travel Scheme & further information can be found at

Can I purchase the Rapide priority service & travel with my pet?

It is possible for you to book this service & travel with your pet. However, you will still be required to check-in 60 minutes prior to sailing for the pet passport checks to be made. 

Will I receive confirmation & tickets for my booking?

MyFerryLink do not issue tickets for travel. We will issue you with a full confirmation of your booking providing you have given us an email address at the time of booking. To check-in, you will simply need your booking number which will be shown on your email confirmation & also given to you at the time of booking.

Are you able to provide a VAT receipt for my booking?

VAT is not charged on tourism bookings as it only applies to commercial travel. Therefore we cannot provide a receipt showing this, your email confirmation will show the price that you paid.  

Your travel

How long before departure do I need to arrive to check-in?

All passengers travelling in a vehicle should check-in no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  Any passenger arriving at check-in after this time maybe refused permission to embark. Please note that all Port Security, Passport & Immigration checks occur prior to check-in & delays can be experienced in these areas, particularly at peak periods. If you miss your sailing due to circumstances beyond MyFerryLink’s control your booking will be subject to the modification charges which apply under the terms & conditions of your booking. 

All disabled passengers, groups & passengers travelling with pets are advised to arrive at least 60 minutes prior to sailing to check-in.

What is the address for the Port of Dover?

Eastern Docks, Dover, Kent, CT16 1JA

What is the address for the Port of Calais?

Calais East Terminal, Calais, 62100

How long is the crossing time?

The scheduled crossing time is 90 minutes.  All sailing times provided on our website and confirmations are local times.

Do I need a passport to travel?

A valid passport is required for all passengers travelling. For additional information, we would advise you to contact the relevant authorities for up to date information as this is an immigration requirement. 

What are the legal requirements for my vehicle when travelling to France?

There are various legal requirements for driving in France & a range of the necessary items are all sold onboard.  Additional information can be found under our guide to driving in France section found online. 

Do I need travel insurance?

MyFerryLink recommend that all passengers have adequate protection when travelling and therefore travel insurance should be taken out to cover such eventualities. At the current time, MyFerryLink do not offer a travel insurance product. 


Can I travel whilst pregnant?

You are able to travel whilst pregnant but please note there are no specialist medical services onboard. 


Am I able to travel in a vehicle which is run on Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)?

Vehicles converted to LPG or camper vans carrying LPG cylinders are accepted for shipment.  Please ensure that such vehicle types are declared at the time of booking & are limited to one LPG cylinder per vehicle which must be isolated during the crossing.

Carriage of Fuel & Gas

Transport of Fuel – the carriage of spare cans of fuel in private vehicles onboard is strictly forbidden.

Transport of Gas – the carriage of butane or propane gas is limited to 47kg net weight per vehicle, providing it is solely for private use & is declared at the time of booking.  All cylinders must be isolated & securely stowed during the crossing. 

Transport of Oxygen – passengers are able to travel with up to six, ten litre cylinders of oxygen for medical purposes only. Please declare this at the time of booking. 

Bank Holidays in France

Most shops & restaurants will be closed on French Bank Holidays although some supermarkets may be open. Please check before travelling.

French Bank Holidays 2015:

January 1

April 6

May 1, 8, 14, 25

July 14

August 15

November 1 & 11 

December 25


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