MyFerryLink arrives on the Channel.
MyFerryLink, the new company on the route between Dover and Calais, commenced operations on August 20th. 
Under the French flag, two sister ships the M.V. Rodin and M.V. Berlioz will offer 8 return crossings a day for cars and freight. A third ship, M.V. Nord Pas de Calais will join the fleet in the autumn after extensive refurbishment. 
MyFerryLink will benefit from the motivation and expertise of former SeaFrance staff who now have the added incentive of being partners in the company operating the vessels. The organisation, crewing system and working practices have been transformed, putting customer service, reliability and punctuality at the top of the agenda. 
Jean Michel Giguet, CEO emphasises the challenge of building a loyal new clientèle. “We need to put customers first in order the regain the popularity and market share these ships established in the past.” he said. “The shareholder-employee model we have adopted gives every encouragement to provide a warm welcome and faultless service.”
Robin Wilkins MyFerryLink UK’s Managing Director says the new company will be distinctive. “Our unique blend of quality ships, a French ambience and a fair deal attitude to customers will be a powerful proposition. MyFerryLink will have a fresh, young contemporary feel, with two identical ships to ensure a consistent customer experience.”
The new company has so far created 320 jobs in Calais and 47 in the UK. A further 30 jobs will be added in the UK as the company grows.