Taking your car to France has never been easier

The beauty about taking your car to France is that you don’t have baggage restrictions, so you can take what you like, whatever the weight, and you can bring back wine, beer and souvenirs.

A car ferry to France is also exceedingly good value as your ticket includes your car and up to 9 passengers. You can even take your pets.

And, if you want to be one of the first on and first off you can upgrade to our Rapide priority service. This service is available to all types of vehicle, excluding motorcycles and those towing caravans or trailers.

About our car ferry service

You can take a number of different vehicle types on a car ferry to France – cars of all sizes, with or without trailer, with or without bikes. Also vans, minibuses, caravans, motor-homes, motorbikes and bicycles.

To ensure we have the correct information on your vehicle we’ll ask you to give us this when you book your ticket. Cars and car-based van drivers need to choose the right category when booking to ensure quick check-in and boarding. For more information check ‘vehicle categories on this website. 

Taking your pet to France

There’s no problem taking your pet with you on holiday as there’s no quarantine these days. You just need to follow certain rules. The cost of taking your pet is just £25 per pet, with a maximum of 5 pets per vehicle.

  • Your pet will need to be micro-chipped
  • It will need a pet passport with the chip number and dates of vaccinations
  • It should have been vaccinated against rabies (and the microchip inserted before the anti-rabies vaccination

Once on the ship your pet has to stay in your car while you travel on the passenger decks. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger areas.

For more information check the website section on taking pets to France.

Do you have all your documents?

You’ll need a valid passport. Children under 16 need a passport too, and should be accompanied by an adult. If the adult is not their parent or legal guardian they’ll also need a letter of authorisation from their parent, guardian or other relevant party. Those children aged 16/17 can travel alone but need the same letter of authorisation before leaving the UK. 

Do you have your driving licence, insurance documents and green card (where required)? Plus there are legal requirements for items you need to carry with you such as a first aid kit, security triangle, breathalyzer kit and at least two fluorescent vests (these should be kept in your car rather than the boot). All these items are available to purchase onboard.

Book now!

We look forward to seeing you on our car ferry to France very soon!

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