MyFerryLink’s ferry operation between Dover and Calais remains open for business as usual after the UK Competition Commission ruled on the acquisition of former SeaFrance ships by Eurotunnel.

In response to the decision published this morning, MyFerryLink UK managing director Robin Wilkins told customers that bookings are safe and the company’s ferries on the route will continue to operate as usual.
Mr Wilkins said: “I think the important message is that it’s business as usual. We are providing the highest rated service at the lowest cost on the Channel and increasing choice for customers, who are putting their faith in us.
“Our competitors believe they have more chance of stopping us in the courts than in the marketplace. We offer the best service on the Channel and we believe we should let the customers decide.”
The Competition Commission ruling relates to the purchase of three ships and assets of SeaFrance by Eurotunnel. MyFerryLink and Eurotunnel have announced this morning that the decision by the Commission will be appealed.
Mr Wilkins said: “We believe that a solution to the ownership issue can be found in the coming months and that we will remain in the market, albeit with a different structure.”