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The present conditions are applicable from August 1st 2012. The passenger acknowledges having read and understood the following provisions and accepts them fully. The present conditions are subject to French Law, notably to its Code of Transport, and/or applicable maritime international regulation, enforced at the time of the facts.



All prices have been calculated on the basis of the time and date at which crossings are taking place, as well as current economic conditions and circumstances. They shall apply solely to tickets booked at latest on the day before departure.

Tickets purchased through other distribution channels (e.g. at the terminal or on the Internet) shall be subject to specific pricing.

Our prices may be increased without advance notice in order to take into account a variation in the exchange rate of the reference currency used in the price of the ticket, an increase in the price of the fuel or port duties and taxes, or any new taxes imposed by the authorities up to one week before the date of departure.

If the vehicle is over 8.5 metres in length a supplement, per journey, of £15 per metre or part thereof will be charged. If the additional metreage is not declared in advance, the additional metreage will be charged at check-in.

If your vehicle is being used for commercial purposes these prices and conditions are not applicable.

All tickets are non transferable. Request for reimbursement for purely financial reasons (special offers published and applicable after the date of purchase of the ticket) are not accepted.

Fare Durations

Day/24 hour fares. Your return journey must be scheduled to commence within 24 hours of your scheduled outbound sailing time.

5 day fares. Your return journey must be scheduled to commence within 120 hours of your scheduled outbound sailing time.

Single fares. Valid for a single journey. Combine two singles for stays of any longer duration.

Penalty charges apply if the duration terms are not respected.

In the event that a single fare is booked and used in the context of a return journey, MyFerryLink is entitled to request and the Customer agrees to pay the difference between the price of the single ticket and the price of a return ticket at the time of the journey. MyFerryLink reserves the right to claim the full amount due.

Cancellations, Refunds and Amendments 

An amendment is defined as any change made by you to time or date of travel, type of vehicle, made to each single journey.

If you choose a time or date for which the crossing price is less than the original fare, you will receive a credit for future travel equivalent to the difference between what you have paid and the new applicable fare, less any modification fee.

If you choose a time or date for which the crossing price is more than the original fare, you must pay the difference plus any applicable modification fee.

Your booking is valid only on the sailing you have reserved. If you do not travel on this sailing, amendment conditions will apply. However, if you travel on one sailing either side of the booked time, no supplement will apply, but you will be charged a modification fee unless you have booked a MyChoice fare, defined below.


MyBasic Fare:

You will be charged a £20.00 modification fee (£10 on Day/24 hour fares) each time you amend the date or time of a journey on your booking.

In addition to the modification fee, you will be charged the difference between the price of your originally booked sailing and the price of the newly selected sailing at the time you make the amendment.

If you cancel the booking, no refund is applicable.


MyChoice Fare: 

Amendments may be made without a modification fee. You will simply be charged the difference between the price of your originally booked sailing and the price of the newly selected sailing at the time you make the amendment.

If you cancel the booking more than 24 hours prior to departure you will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, no refunds are applicable when cancelled within 24 hours of departure.

In both cases, amendments to your sailing must be made prior to the originally booked time and date of travel of the sailing concerned by the amendment, otherwise the entire booking is invalid and a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

Force majeure

If the departure of the ferry is prevented by cause which is not attributable to MyFerryLink, e.g. weather conditions, strike, force majeure, the contract of carriage is terminated without indemnity. You will be informed of any change or cancellation as quickly as possible and we will do our utmost to find an alternative solution.

Late arrival at the ferry terminal and delays resulting from the completion of formalities

In general, passengers are required to arrive at check in at the port of embarkation at least 30 minutes before departure. Failure to do so may result in a refusal to authorize embarkation.

MyFerryLink declines all responsibility for any delays resulting from the undertaking of said formalities. We therefore advise you to allow additional time to check in during peak periods.


Passenger transport conditions are governed by Regulation 392/2009 (EU) which incorporates the Athens Convention of 1974 relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea, as amended by the 2002 Protocol.

This regulation does not undermine the right of transporters to limit their liability in the event of an accident, in accordance with the international convention regarding the limiting of liability in matters of maritime claims of 1976, as amended by the protocol of 1996.

Discipline on board

Passengers shall be subject to on-board discipline and shall be obliged to comply with the regulations applied by MyFerryLink as well as with current laws and instructions applicable on board, in ferry terminals (whether passengers are in transit or have reached their final destination). They shall also comply with all instructions given by the ship’s crew.

Passengers shall not carry on their person, in their vehicle or in their luggage any object or goods whose contents or purpose may constitute a threat to the health, safety or security of the other passengers and the ship’s crew or which may damage or pollute the ship.


Passengers must comply with customs regulations and bye-laws in force from time to time, and with all other regulations of any Competent Authorities regarding Passengers, Vehicles, Luggage or other property and animals.

Passengers shall comply with such checks, inspections and searches of Vehicles, Persons and Luggage and answer all questions and provide to MyFerryLink such information as it considers in its sole discretion to be necessary.

Passengers failing to comply with the above do so entirely at their own risk and MyFerryLink shall not be liable to Passengers for the consequences of their failure to comply with such regulations.

MyFerryLink shall not be responsible for any delay caused to Passengers arising from compliance with the above or for any loss or damage arising from or consequential upon such delay.

Transport of fuel

The carriage of spare cans of fuel in private vehicles onboard a ferry is strictly forbidden. Vehicles converted to LPG are accepted for shipment onboard our ferries.  Please note, such vehicles must be declared at time of booking.

Transport of gas

The carriage of butane and propane gas is limited to 47kg net weight per vehicle, providing that it is solely for private use and is declared at the time of booking.  All cylinders must be isolated and securely stowed during the sailing.


Liability issues will be dealt accordingly to French law as well as applicable international maritime law. 1976 London convention, amended in 1996, applies.

Passengers must follow the instructions given by the crew at the time of boarding. Car manoeuvring is carried out at the sole responsibility of the driver.

Information/ redirection, repayment, assistance in the event of cancellation or delay

In the event of delayed departure or cancellation of a service, we will inform you as soon as possible and at the latest 30 minutes after the scheduled time of departure. We will let know the revised estimated times of departure and arrival as soon as they are available.

In the event of a cancellation or of a delay of more than 90 minutes we will offer you the choice of an alternative sailing as soon as possible or reimbursement of the ticket price within a period of 7 days. 

If a departure is cancelled or delayed by more than 90 minutes refreshments, snacks or meals (depending on the waiting time) will be offered free of charge provided that they are available or can be reasonably obtained.

If a stay of one night or more becomes necessary, in the event of a cancellation or delayed departure (provided this is not as a result of meteorological conditions compromising the safe operation of the ship), free accommodation on board or on land will be offered up to a limit of €80 per night and for a maximum of 3 nights.


In the event of a delay of at least one hour to the arrival time, you can claim indemnification equivalent to 25% of the ticket price, except under meteorological conditions compromising the safe operation of the ship or extraordinary circumstances(*) preventing the fulfilment of the service. If the delay is more than 2 hours, indemnification will be equal to 50% of the ticket price.

(*) Extraordinary circumstances: fires, earthquake, terrorist attacks, wars or armed military or civil conflicts, insurrections, military or illegal seizure, social conflicts, disembarkation of sick, wounded or dead persons, search and rescue operations at sea, measures necessary for the protection of the environment, decisions taken by traffic management organisations, decisions adopted by the authorities with jurisdiction in matters of public order or public safety.

Unaccompanied passengers

No passengers under the age of 16 will be accepted on MyFerryLink ships or on ships chartered by the company if unaccompanied.

Disabled passengers

Please ask for information on the accessibility of the ship for disabled people when making your booking or completing registration and obtain details on specific conditions relating to time limits for check-in at the port of embarkation. 

So that we may provide any necessary assistance for embarking or disembarking the ship and during your time on board, please inform us of any specific requirements when making your booking. We will inform you immediately if we are unable to meet your request for health and safety reasons.

Medical requirements

Passengers with any specific medical requirement/history must inform MYFERRYLINK at the time of booking and get authorization to travel from their doctor.


Animal owners/keepers must inform MyFerryLink if an animal is to be transported when making a reservation and always in advance of travelling. Animals (with the exception of guide dogs) are not permitted on the passenger decks of the vessels. There is no access to animals which must remain in the vehicles on the car deck during the crossing. We would draw your attention to the specific regulations on the transport of animals in the United Kingdom (Pets Travel Scheme). Please see or ask for information when making your booking.

A charge applies for the transport of a pet (with the exception of guide dogs). In the event of non-observance of the lawful obligations on the transport of the animals, MyFerryLink will not be held obligated to refund the charge. It is also recommended to allow additional time at check in for the appropriate documents that our staff will have to make before loading.



Any failure in the performance of the contract must be indicated to us in writing as soon as possible. In the case of obvious damage, the complaint must be made immediately, on board ship. It is also agreed that, if you wish to complain about damage not apparent, your complaint must be forwarded by registered letter with proof of delivery within fifteen (15) days of your sailing at the following address: MyFerryLink – Client Service - Whitfield Court, Honeywood Close, Whitfield CT16 3 PX.


Validity of the conditions

 The non-validity or cancellation of a clause, paragraph or requirement in the current conditions of sale or transport shall not affect or render invalid the remaining conditions which shall continue to be applicable.

The customer expressly acknowledges that (s)he has read the information and specific conditions contained in the current document and states that (s)he accepts them in their entirety. In case of discrepancies between the French and the English version of these T&Cs, the French version shall prevail.